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IP Development

We develop audiovisual IP, mixing TV, games, and virtual experiences

We test and pilot new tech, generating fresh new ways to engage with viewers and fans. 

(Don't) Believe The Hype

We help you to see beyond the buzzwords and identify new opportunities for your IP.

High-engagement television with a clever use of technology.

Focusing on interactivity and viewer engagement, we set on rethinking the creation process and cutting time-to-market for TV formats.

Blockchain-only IP, digital merchandise, token-gated real-life benefits, and more. We created a Web3 toolbox for use in many fields of entertainment.


An interactive sports experience in VR that puts you at the center of the action.

Online platforms are becoming social destinations for much more than just gaming. Join us in exploring how they use blockchain and Web3 tools for increased engagement. 

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